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What makes Personal Finance Guru different


Maximalist perspective

We want, and we want you to get, the most out of life.

That doesn’t mean skipping coffees until you’re 65 just to scrimp by in retirement when you’re already old, like most personal financial advice will tells you to do.

We believe in helping you get wealthy early!

Real finance experts

Most personal finance advice is not written by true experts. Our writers and editors:

  • Advised Fortune 500 C-suite executives at firms like Mckinsey and Bain
  • Graduated from MBA programs like Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton, specializing in finance
  • Advised the wealthiest people and institutions at Goldman Sachs private bank

Our recent reviews and thinking:

Arhaus Credit Card: An Honest Review

Arhaus Credit Card: An Honest Review

Arhaus Credit Card: An Honest ReviewRecommended in specific cases. Use the Arhaus Credit Card cautiously. Requires special attention to on-time payments to avoid very high APR and/or fees.Pros and Cons: Arhaus Credit CardProsYou can effectively create a no interest...

Forest River Credit Card: What a Mistake!

Forest River Credit Card: What a Mistake!

Forest River is an outdoor recreation company owned by Berkshire Hathaway that manufactures recreational vehicles (RVs), pontoon boats, commercial trucks, buses and trailers. One way Forest River makes it easier for consumers to purchase their products and services is...

Zolve Credit Card Review

Zolve Credit Card Review

Starting a life in a new area can be scary, especially if you’re moving to a new country. There are so many preparations to make, and they all cost a pretty penny. To make this transition easier, and since Zolve itself is not a bank, Zolve partnered with the Community...

AutoPass Credit Card Worth It? A Full Review

AutoPass Credit Card Worth It? A Full Review

The AutoPass Credit Card for Tire And Service Centers is one of many Credit First National Association (CFNA) automotive service cards. The CFNA is a bank owned by Bridgestone, so this credit card is accepted in thousands of automotive service locations nationwide....

Meet our Personal Finance Experts:

Cody Beecham

Cody Beecham


Cody is the founder and owner of Personal Finance Guru. His day job is as a management consultant at one of the Top 3 firms (think Mckinsey, Bain), where he advises Fortune 500 C-suite clients on their most important and pressing business problems. He completed his business education at Harvard Business School. 

After seeing the lack of personal finance education for regular people, Cody started the website with the mission to provide everyone access to information that will help them achieve their financial goals.

Cody approaches personal finance from a maximalist perspective, shunning typical advice around simply not buying a cup of coffee instead of more effective methods like investing in yourself to quickly grow your income. 

He believes in saving money and investing for the future, but he also knows that you need to enjoy life today. That’s why Cody approaches money with a sense of humor and a positive attitude. He knows that if you’re not having fun while you’re growing your wealth, then what’s the point?

Cody approaches life with the same gusto that he brings to personal finance. He loves to travel and experience new cultures, and he is an avid reader and learner. He also enjoys playing sports (especially tennis) and spending time with his family and friends.

Cathy Gresham

Cathy Gresham

Editor & Author

Cathy Gresham is a finance whiz. 

After earning her MBA from The Wharton School, she has worked in strategy at some of the world’s largest and most influential financial companies for 20+ years. Notably, she has worked for the biggest credit card issuers and networks and brings an insider’s perspective to how credit card products work behind the scenes.  

Cathy is passionate about personal finance and investing, and loves helping people learn about these complex topics. Her wit and humor make learning about money fun, and she’s always happy to share her knowledge with others.

Cathy enjoys spending time with her family and friends when she’s not crunching numbers or developing investment strategies. She’s also an avid runner, and can often be found pounding the pavement on her morning jog.

John Wayman

John Wayman


John has always been fascinated by money, wealth, and investing. He got a front row seat into how Ultra High Net Worth individuals, families, and entities manage their money while working for years in Goldman Sachs’ Private Bank. 

He learned a great deal about personal finance and wealth management from some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Now he enjoys helping all kinds of people grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

When he’s not advising clients, Cody enjoys playing golf and spending time with family and friends.

Editor’s Note:

At Personal Finance Guru, we want to help you maximize your lifestyle through personal finance. You can trust the integrity of our independent financial advice. Our opinions our own and have not been provided, review, approved, or endorsed by any advertiser or financial product provider. To support and grow the site, however, we may receive compensation from the issuers of some products.