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Arhaus Credit Card: An Honest Review [With Lots of Pictures]

PFG's Rating:

Recommended in specific cases. Use the Arhaus Credit Card cautiously. Requires special attention to on-time payments to avoid very high APR and/or fees.

Pros and Cons: Arhaus Credit Card



You can effectively create a no interest loan payment plan and spread out the payments of your furniture purchase with their special financing plan 


Earn $100 reward dollars per $1,500 spent (only applies to purchases on the 6-month plan, no higher)



~30% APR interest rate is well above industry average


Extremely limited rewards program


Deferred interest means you will pay interest from the date of purchase if you don’t fully payoff the promotional purchase balance during promo period. At ~30% APR, this can make your purchase very expensive!


No interest promotional balance benefits only apply to one purchase


Monthly minimum payments are still required (you can’t make NO payments during the promo period). Making the minimum payments only will not pay off the full promo balance and will result in deferred interest charges. 

  • $100 reward dollars per $1,500 spent. Only applies if you choose the 6 month time frame for repaying the promotional purchase balance. This is essentially a 6% store points credit with lots of strings attached (see below).
  • Rewards dollars expire after 12 months! That means use or lose.
  • You receive a $100 “Archarge Rewards Certificate” for every $1,500 in Rewards Dollars you earn. This certificate expires 90 days after it is issued and can only be redeemed in an Arhaus store (excluding loft clearance locations).
  • The minimum Rewards certificate is $100, so you have to spend a lot to get any rewards at all.
  • 28.74% variable purchase APR.
  • Variable means the rate will fluctuate. This card’s rate fluctuates with the Prime Rate.
  • Due date / grace period: 25 days after billing period close.
  • $0 annual fee.
  • Late payments: up to $41.
  • Returned payments: up to $41.
    • Applications are subject to credit approval 
    • While they will take into account your total application, we recommend a credit score of at least 620 to be likely for approval
    • Be 18 years old (or the age of majority in your state or territory)
    • Have a government issued photo ID and tax identification number (for example a social security number)
    • Be willing to provide a non-PO Box mailing address 
    • No additional perks or benefits identified.

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    Arhaus Credit Card: Extended Review, With All The Details

    Credit cards have already become a requirement inside the wallets of most people. Those cards make it much easier to make big purchases without feeling the guilt of handing over large stacks of dollars.

    Because of that increasing popularity and ease of purchasing, store-specific credit cards have exploded in popularity over the past few years. These cards tend to be incredibly profitable for the store and credit card issuer and can act as a kind of virtual currency for their respective stores and offer various deals, promotions, and awards.

    We’re shedding light today on one of those cards; the Arhaus Archarge Credit Card.

    We’ll be showing you the card’s benefits, any hidden catches, as well as the disadvantages of owning such a card.

    So, let’s dive straight in ⏩ ⏩

    Arhaus storefront

    I recently visited my local Arhaus to check it out for myself, as well as verify all of the facts (and opinions!) in this article

      Arhaus bed set
      Arhaus with a view
      Arhaus bar

      Arhaus Archarge Credit Card: Benefits

      Like any other credit card, Arhaus credit cards have reasons to get and reasons to avoid.

      Let’s start with the benefits:

      List of the Arhaus Credit Card's features and benefits


      Arhaus Archarge card members get some cash back as a reward for qualifying purchases. This goes for every $1,500 spent using the Arhaus credit card. The rewards are a bit clunky and difficult to collect, however. We’re cover details on this later.

      The purchase needs to be made using the Arhaus credit card. If your Arhaus purchase is paid in cash or using a different credit card, no cash-back rewards are given.

      Special Financing

      The Arhaus Archarge Credit Card provides special financing to payment plans of 6, 12, or 24 months. For each plan, the purchase has a minimum value to be able to qualify. The longer the financing plan, the greater the purchase required.

      During the promotional period, the customer won’t be charged any interest rate on the product. Keep in mind that minimum payments are still required throughout the special financing period.

      Arhaus living room

      You can purchase an entire room’s worth of furniture like this at Arhaus

      Convenient Online Account Management

      Arhaus credit cardholders will have access to a neat and well-organized platform offered through Comenity bank, a large issuer and servicer of store credit cards. Customers will be able to track their purchases, payments, and upcoming due amounts.

      Archarge Credit Card Exclusive Saving Events

      Arhaus sometimes provides its customers with money-saving events and discounts on certain products.

      While all customers can benefit from such offers, Arhaus credit cardholders gain access to exclusive events. They get to purchase some items at a lower price than their non-card-holding peers.

      These special promotions might be nice if you’re a reasonably frequent Arhaus shopper, but probably aren’t reason enough alone to get the card.

      No Annual Fee

      Paying an annual fee isn’t a requirement to keep a hold of your Arhaus credit card. The absence of an annual fee is so common among credit cards now that it’s hardly considered a benefit.

      However, because some credit cards still require an annual fee, its absence is still a good attempt to sweeten the deal.

      Arhaus couch

      They have lots of comfortable couches


      Arhaus Credit Card: Between the Lines

      The same applies to any credit card, and Arhaus is no exception. Here’s what you should be aware of to get the most benefit out of the Arhaus credit card:

      List of the Arhaus Credit Card's drawbacks

      You won’t always get the $100 cashback

      The first benefit displayed on the Arhaus website is the purchase cashback. It truly sounds like a good deal, but you won’t get it until you meet certain conditions.

      Only issued in increments of $100

      Unlike with most credit card rewards programs, the Archarge Credit Card does not calculate rewards down to the dollar. In fact they only calculate it down to the $1,500. This means that you if you spend $1,500 and get the $100 rewards certificate, you have to spend an additional full $1,500 before you get any more rewards. You have to read the credit card agreement carefully to figure this one out! So much for picking up a couple of extra throw pillows!

      Must enroll in the Arhaus Rewards Program

      Unless you’re enrolled in the rewards program, you won’t be able to benefit from the promotional cashback reward.

      Arhaus’ rewards program provides you with points every time you make a purchase. You can, later on, use those points to reduce the cost of some eligible items.

      Enrolling in the program isn’t an automated process that comes with getting the Arhaus card. This is a step you manually need to pursue.

      Luckily, it doesn’t take much time, and it’s especially worth it if you are a frequent buyer from Arhaus.

      Arhaus credenza

      A beautiful credenza I saw

      The cashback period is limited

      Getting those $100 isn’t always possible, even if you are enrolled in the rewards program. If your purchase is using a special financing plan, you need to be careful.

      Promotional financing plans longer than six months aren’t eligible for getting the $100 cashback benefit.

      The inside of a typical Arhaus

      Your purchase must be yours

      Purchasing Arhaus products using Arhaus credit cards won’t get you the $100 cash back if it’s done by or for a business.

      Stock or Enterprise purchases aren’t eligible for the Arhaus cashback program. The customer must purchase the item for their own household.

      Incomplete purchases won’t get the cash back award

      The $100 reward is only earned after the full payment is complete. If the full amount is paid on the day of purchase, the cashback reward is instantly provided.

      However, any changes in the conditions of payment during monthly payment plans could prevent acquiring the cashback reward.

      These changes include but aren’t limited to returns, refunds, fraudulent charges, purchases that violate the terms and conditions, balance transfers, and credit adjustments.

      Minimum purchase value is required

      Your purchase needs to be of a minimum cost to be eligible for a promotional payment plan. For example, If you intend to pay over a 6-month period, your purchased item must cost at least $399. Promotional payment plans of 12 and 24 months have a minimum purchase value of $1,500 and $2,500, respectively.

      Keep in mind that only the 6-month payment plan is eligible for the $100 cashback reward per $1,500.

      Office desk set

      Arhaus has lots of office furniture too

      Minimum payments are required

      A minimum payment is the smallest amount of money you should pay every month for your monthly payment to be considered accepted. If you pay some money in a particular month that’s less than the minimum amount, the month is considered “missed.”

      For example, you could pay a small amount this month and then make up for it in the following one. What matters is that everything should be paid by the end of the last month.

      According to their website, Arhaus says, and we quote: “Minimum payments are NOT guaranteed to pay the promotional plan balance within the promotional period. You may have to pay more than the minimum payment to avoid accrued interest charges.”

      It’s up to the customer’s personal effort to keep track of their purchases and due amounts.

      Additionally, if you have a late fee, it may increase the new balance you are due, and therefore, the minimum payments will not cover the purchase.

      Valid only for a single transaction

      Arhaus promotional payment plans are valid for a single transaction per credit cardholder.

      It’s not clear whether this purchase is the only purchase per card or the only purchase within the promotional payment period.

      Arhaus bookcase

      You can use the Archarge card to buy this beautiful bookcase

      Arhaus Credit Card: Is it easy to acquire?

      Getting your first credit card can sometimes be tough if you have little or no credit history for credit card issuers to base a decision on. The Arhaus credit card is probably not a great first card option. You will likely need to have a minimum credit score or credit rating to get this card.

      To have a good shot at qualifying for an Arhaus credit card, a credit score of at least 620-670 is recommended. Arhaus doesn’t release its specific credit approval criteria, so having this score does not guarantee approval. You may still be able to get the card at a lower score, but it’s not guaranteed.

      If you need to get your credit score up to qualify, that’s ok, but it may take time. There are various actions that control your credit score. For example, asking for higher credit limits, paying your credit card balances strategically, and paying the bills on time are all reasons for your credit score to go higher.

      On the other hand, reduced credit score stems from late or missed payments, changing your credit mix, or constantly applying for new credit accounts.

      Getting approval for credit cards is can be a hit-or-miss situation, especially for people with lower scores. However, having a high score always gives you better chances.

      Arhaus bedroom set

      Check out out this bedroom set at Arhaus

      Arhaus Credit Card: Why you might not want it

      Now that the benefits of the Arhaus credit card are clear, it would be useful to know the reasons that could steer you away from getting one:

      High (and variable) annual percentage rate

      An annual percentage rate or APR is the amount of money you are required to pay every year to borrow money.

      Most credit cards in the US have an average APR of 15-17% if you have good or great credit. Arhaus credit card, on the other hand, has a variable APR of 29.74%, which is almost double the average!

      The high APR may not be a problem for those who are planning to use the Arhaus credit card to fully pay off their purchase within the promotional period. However, if carrying a balance is on your credit card agenda, you’re better off picking a credit card with a lower APR.

      High late and refund payments

      Returning products or paying for them later isn’t something strange in retail. Because of that, there are mutual agreements about an extra charge should the customer return a product or pay for it too late.

      Retailers average a $25 late payment fee and a $20 product return fee. Arhaus credit card has a penalty fee of up to $41 for both late and returned payments. Again, that’s close to double the average.

      Limited usage of the card

      Arhaus credit card is like most store-specific credit cards when it comes to usability. It might get accepted by other retailers (we haven’t tested that), but most store credit cards don’t.

      Potentially, Arhaus credit cards could be limited to Arhaus only. It could be essentially Arhaus store credit. Unfortunately, their website and offering documents are not clear on this at all. We think it’s likely it’s only accepted at Arhaus.

      Arhaus kitchen table

      A graceful kitchen table

      My recent Arhaus store experience

      I recently visited my local Arhaus to check it out for myself.

      The staff was incredibly attentive, friendly, and helpful. They were clearly a cut above what you find in most stores.

      The store was incredibly clean and well-maintained. As expected, the furniture was very high quality and very expensive.

      When I inquired about the Archarge card, I was a little surprised that the staff didn’t seem to care much whether or not I signed up. They were knowledgeable about all of the features and drawbacks but definitely did not try to push the card on me, which I appreciated.

      I would give the Arhaus in-store experience a solid thumbs up.

      Arhaus leather chair
      Arhaus kitchen set
      Arhaus shelf

      Who Is the Arhaus Credit Card great For?

      description of who the Arhaus credit card is good for

      Why Would You Want an Arhaus Credit Card?

      We recommend using it when making a large furniture purchase where you would like to spread out the payments but will be able to pay in full within the promo period. Or in the rare case that a piece of furniture is urgently needed, but you don’t have the case. We don’t see this as a usual scenario, but emergencies could happen at any time.

      Should such a scenario occur, make sure that you have enough to cover the minimum payments steadily and will have enough to pay off the full purchase price within the promotional period. At ~30% interest, if you don’t pay off fully within the promo period, your furniture purchase will get more expensive fast!

      Why Would You Be Better off Using a Different Card?

      Since an “emergency purchase” for a piece of furniture is highly unlikely, you may have a better deal with a different card.

      Credit cards aren’t a scam, but their providers know they can make a great profit from the APR and interest rate.

      Customers often think that they can easily meet the monthly payments until the due is paid. However, circumstances keep changing, and miscalculations happen. According to data taken in 2018, the amount of credit card debt in America has passed the $100 billion mark! Whoa!

      With a ~30% interest rate, the Arhaus credit card could stack some debt faster than you could handle.

      Living room set

      You can easily put together an entire living room

      Do You Really Need an Arhaus Archarge Credit Card?

      Getting an Arhaus credit card isn’t a bad bargain if you’re not planning to carry a balance and actually borrow money. Most people can borrow for cheaper interest rates.

      If you’re making a large furniture purchase from Arhaus and know you’re responsible enough to keep track of the required payments then you can squeeze out some extra benefits and essentially a payment plan with this card.

      Just make sure that you will be able to cover those monthly minimum payments to avoid paying extra.

      Do We Recommend Getting an Arhaus Archarge Credit Card?

      Looking at the entire situation from a comparative pros and cons aspect, we’d say that we recommend the Arhaus credit card in specific situations, for responsible users of credit.

      The $100 cashback, the promotional payment plans, and the exclusive events are good eye-catchers. If you know how to avoid falling into debt while using credit cards, and want to spread out payments of a major purchase at Arhaus, an Arhaus credit card is for you.

      However, the 29.74% APR, while typical for store-brand credit cards, gives us significant pause.


      Arhaus Archarge Credit Card: Our Verdict

      To sum things up, the Arhaus credit card could be really helpful if you know your way around credit cards.

      If you have already dealt with credit cards and know how to handle yourself without getting into debt, an Arhaus credit card could be a good addition to your wallet.

      With the right planning, you get most of the mentioned benefits without falling into any of its pitfalls. You should also refrain from using the Arhaus Archarge credit card to carry a balance and actually borrow money; the APR is just too much.

      If you don’t find the benefits to be viable enough for you, you may be better off using a different credit card, especially one that would offer less APR and interest rate.

      Arhaus Credit Card FAQ

      What bank does Arhaus use?

      Arhaus uses Comenity Bank for their credit card (recently renamed to Bread Financial), which is one of the largest issuers of store credit cards in the United States.

      What is the number for Arhaus credit card?

      1-888-245-4064 is the Arhaus credit card phone number.

      What are the fees for Arhaus Archarge Credit Card?

      33.99% APR interest. $41 late payment fee. $41 returned payment fee. $0 – no annual fee. 

      What are the Arhaus Archarge Credit Card benefits?

      The main benefit is its special financing offer. 

      About Arhaus

      Arhaus is a high-end American retail company that was founded back in 1986 by John and Jack Reed. It originally went by the name Homeworks Inc. and changed its name to Arhaus in 2013. The first official Arhaus stores were opened in Arizona and California.

      After 2014, the company seemed to grow at a reliable rate. In 2015 alone, Arhaus opened seven new stores, bringing the total number of stores across the United States to 60. By 2021, Arhaus had increased its store count to 70 and was valued at $1.75 billion.

      Arhaus specializes in all sorts of modern and classic home furniture—tables, beds, sofas, tableware, lighting, etc.

      According to Arhuas, 50% of their woodwork comes from recycled materials. The company claims that it doesn’t source any materials from endangered rainforests, which appeals to a lot of customers who are environment-conscious.

      About Comenity Bank

      Like most stores and retailers who want to offer a credit card, Arhaus has outsourced issuing and servicing the card to a bank. In this case Comenity bank. Comenity bank is a subsidiary of Bread financial, a large, public, financial services company.

      Comenity/Bread issues and services over 150+ of these private label credit cards. It was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Ohio.

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