Author: Cathy Gresham

Brakes Plus Credit Card: Good in a Pinch, Otherwise Skip It

The card essentially gives you a short interest-free loan – assuming you still make your minimum monthly payments on time (the amount will vary with the balance you put on the card) and pay the full balance within the promotional period.

You can get 6 months of promotional financing (meaning you pay no interest and only have to make the minimum monthly payments) for purchases on the card is between $199 – $749.99 and 12 months of promotional financing for purchases over $750.

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Athleta Credit Card: Fun Idea, But Not Worth the Trouble

While the headline rate of 5% rewards sounds like it’s substantially above the competition and may be worth it, we don’t think it is. You will need to spend thousands of dollars annually at Gap brand stores to make this worth it. If not, you are probably better off passing on the Athleta credit card. Consider getting a general purpose unlimited cash back card instead.

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