Author: Cody Beecham

Cosmoprof Credit Card: Rewards Worth the Hassle?

Overall I think the interest rate makes this a card I would be cautious of, and the rewards aren’t as inviting as some alternatives.

That said, if you are ordering regular shipments for your business and have no concern over the nearly 30% interest rate, this card might be for you.

The Cosmo Prof credit card might be a good fit for beauty professionals, since you will get access to free shipping, a 3% discount on supplies, a birthday gift, and an anniversary gift for the opening of the card.

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Dimensional Funds Advisors – should you buy their ETFs?

Dimensional Funds Advisors is a large money manager who offers ETFs and mutual funds of many different strategies, from equity, to fixed income, to real estate and more.

They only offer their funds through financial advisors and have higher expense ratio than other ETFs with similar strategies.

A rapid, very quick look into their returns did not provide enough evidence that they beat relevant benchmarks enough for me to get excited about looking further into investing with them.

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