Cosmoprof Credit Card: Rewards Worth the Hassle?

This card is probably worth the trouble of maintaining another credit card account, if you’re a beauty professional who plans to spend at least $4K per year at CosmoProf and/or Sally Beauty
Updated February 2024
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If you’re thinking about applying for the CosmoProf Rewards Credit Card, you’ve come to the right place.

Our review below covers everything you need to know – the rewards, drawbacks, and if it’s worth the hassle.

Cosmoprof credit card executive summary

  • Likely only worth considering if you buy your professional beauty supplies of greater than $4K per year from CosmoProf and/or Sally Beauty. $4K spend unlocks free shipping at CosmoProf.
  • While a 3% instant discount is likely more than you will get from a general cash back card (assume about 1.5% there), you will have to spend a lot to make the difference worth it. Remember, $10K in spending at CosmoProf at the 3% discount rate would only net you an extra $150, compared to if you just used a general 1.5% cash back card.
  • This card also unlocks free shipping from Sally Beauty with no minimum spend.
  • Only open to beauty professionals, they will ask for proof at account opening.

PFG's Rating:

Recommended in limited cases. Note that this card is only open to beauty professionals, not the general public. The rewards on this card are pretty small. The 3% discount rate is better than what you can get for a general cash back card, but the difference is small, so you would need to be a major CosmoProf shopper to make it worth the trouble of maintaining and tracking another credit card account. If you run a beauty-related business and buy a lot of CosmoProf, the rewards might be worth it since you get free shipping after you spend $4K in year.

Pros and Cons: CosmoProf Credit Card



3% off purchases at CosmoProf


$10 off next CosmoProf $50+ purchase after opening card


$10 off a CosmoProf purchase during your ‘birthday month’ each year


2x annual gifts (1 during birthday month and 1 on anniversary of card opening)


After annual $4K spend, get ‘Platinum’ status, which gives free shipping  on purchases over $150


Similar perks when you shop at Sally Beauty including additional 2.5 points, 20% on next purchase after card opening, and free shipping to US


No annual fee


Reputable credit card issuer – Comenity bank (now called Bread financial)



Super high APR – 29.74%! Whoa!


Cannot be used stores other than CosmoProf and Sally Beauty


Low sign-up ‘bonus’ of $10 off next purchase


Only available to beauty professionals

  • 3% discount on purchases made at CosmoProf
  • 2.5 additional points (beyond normal member rewards rate) for purchases made at Sally Beauty
  • Free shiopping to the USA, after $4K annual spend, for purchases <$150 (note that this is probably most relevant for beauty professionals)
  • 29.74% APR – super high! Make sure you pay in full every month.
  • No annual fee – $0 annual fee.
  • $41 late payment fee.
  • $41 returned payment fee.
  • Applications are subject to credit approval
  • While they will take into account your total application, we recommend a credit score of at least 600 to be likely for approval
  • Be 18 years old (or the age of majority in your state or territory)
  • Have a government issued photo ID and tax identification number (for example a social security number)
  • Be willing to provide a non-PO Box mailing address
  • $10 off next purchase >$50
  • $10 credit for a purchase during your birthday month
  • Two annual gifts, one on anniversary of account opening and one on your birthday
  • Additional perks for shopping at Sally Beauty including: 2.5 extra member points per dollar spent, 20% off first purchase after opening the card, and free shipping to the USA
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Thinking of getting a cash back credit card instead?

Check out our credit card comparison tool to quickly and easily compare cash back rates, rewards, fees, and more!

The CosmoProf credit card is a rewards MasterCard with a few perks, along with a few drawbacks. Let’s get into the details.

CosmoProf Credit Card Perks

As a licensed professional verified with Sally Beauty, they will enroll you as a professional with Cosmo Prof since Sally Beauty and CosmoProf are affiliate companies. The CosmoProf enrollment takes place when you apply for the Cosmo Prof Rewards Credit Card.

First, you will receive a 12-digit Cosmo Prof Membership Card number through email. Then, using your Cosmo Prof Membership Card number, you can register your account at so that you can have access to rewards and perks.

CosmoProf Perks When Using CosmoProf Credit Card

  • Receive 3% off when you use your card.
  • $10 off your following Card purchase of $50+.
  • Cosmo Prof Platinum cardholders get free shipping on card orders of $150 and over.
  • Surprise gift during your birthday month and on the anniversary of your account opening.
  • You are instantly a Cosmo Prof Gold cardholder when you open your CosmoProf Credit Card account.
  • Spend $4,000 in a year amd automatically be elevated to a Cosmo Prof PLATINUM cardholder, where you can enjoy free shipping on purchases of $150 and over.

Sally’s Perks When Using CosmoProf Credit Card

  • Earn an extra 2.5 points for every dollar spent on your card on top of what Sally Beauty Rewards Members already earn.
  • Enjoy 20% off your next Card purchase.
  • Free standard shipping on Card orders. No minimum. U.S. only.
  • Plus, a surprise gift during your birthday month and on the anniversary of your account opening.

Inside of a CosmoProf store

Inside of a CosmoProf store

Wait - so do I get any cash back?

Many credit cards will market 3% back, and Comenity Cosmoprof uses a related gimmick by saying you will receive “3% off,” but this is a discount at the time of purchase rather than a cashback incentive. So no – you do not get cash back.

Credit card issuers try to have the highest ‘headline’ cashback rate since this is what makes a card attractive. However, many credit cards have restrictions that make it difficult to achieve that headline rate of 3% or 5%. You will often end up with 1.5% cashback due to those restrictions. In some ways, getting the actual 3% savings right away can be more desirable.

Are the Perks Good Enough?

Most of the perks seem to primarily incentivize initial signup because you get $10 off a purchase over $50 at CosmoProf and a 20% discount at Sally’s. In addition, you will get instant access to free shipping from Sally’s with no minimums, but you will have to wait one year and spend $4,000 to be upgraded from gold to platinum at CosmoProf.

Platinum status seems like a good incentive because you will get free shipping at CosmoProf at that point, but you will still have a minimum purchase requirement of $150.

So the only long-term incentive seems to be if you are regularly bulk ordering, where you can benefit from the 3% discount and free shipping to your salon or barbershop.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that you will receive a birthday gift from Sally’s and CosmoProf Separately, so that is a nice, albeit small, loyalty reward.

CosmoProf Credit Card Drawbacks

  • ~27.49% variable APR interest rate is well above the industry average (although not uncommon for ‘store cards’ like this one)
  • Late or returned fee charge of $41. This is annoying, but standard.
  • The CosmoProf credit card can only be used at both Cosmo Prof and Sally Beauty, you won’t be able to use it to pay at any other store, severely limiting its utility.

Late and Return Fees

Late and return fees are common, but the main things to look out for when deciding on credit cards would be if there is an annual fee and of course, the interest rate. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t leave a balance on your card, but if you do need to carry a balance in an emergency situation, you want to ensure that the fee isn’t too aggressive. Fortunately, the CosmoProf credit card has no annual fee. Now for the bad news…

Interest Rate

The interest rate is a variable APR at 27.49%. That is incredibly high since a good interest rate is considered to be about 17%, while the current credit card industry average is 19.49%. You will want to make sure you pay off your balance on this card every month without fail, to avoid making your purchases much, much more expensive through interest charges.

Minimum Access Requirements – you must be a beauty professional

You must be a licensed and verified professional in the industry and have verified your professional standing with CosmoProf before applying under the CosmoProf credit card login or the Sally’s Beauty Credit Card. Additionally, you must be enrolled in the Sally Beauty Rewards program to get the most out of your Cosmo Pro Rewards Credit Card. If you have a standing professional account, you will be prompted to provide the needed information to sync your rewards membership perks.

Only Professionals can only use the Cosmo Prof credit card at Cosmoprof and Sally’s Beauty locations, so there shouldn’t be any temptation to use the card frivolously. However, if you expect that you will at times need to temporarily carry a balance, you should use a card with a lower interest rate. Since the interest rate is variable, Cosmo Prof may adjust it occasionally, but you can be sure it won’t be in your favor.

A local CosmoProf store

The Connection With the Comenity Bank

The Cosmoprof Comenity credit card and the Sallys Comenity credit card are issued by Comenity Bank, which issues MasterCard credit cards. Comenity technically represents Comenity Bank or any of its affiliates, but Comenity bank is the subsidiary of Bread Financial, which has recently rebranded to Bread Savings. This is significant because they host well over 100 different Credit Card brands which have notoriously high-interest rates.

My recent in-store experience at CosmoProf

I went down to my local CosmoProf store to check it out for myself and was pleasantly surprised. The staff was friendly and helpful, without being pushy. The store was well-stocked and clean and easy to access. It was not overly busy, but it was a weekday.

The staff was happy to answer questions about the credit card, but it didn’t seem like the get a lot of questions about it. Brochures and extra information about the credit card were readily available.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get fast answers to the most common questions

How can I reach customer service for this card?

  • You can call customer service at: 888-206-1192.
  • You can ‘submit an inquiry’ here.
  • You can also chat with an agent by logging into your account (see below) and clicking on the chat icon.

Where do I login to my CosmoProf credit card account?

Login to your Synchrony Car Care Credit Card at

Where do I make my CostmoProf credit card payment?

Login to your CosmoProf beauty member account at


CosmoProf credit card: final thoughts

Overall I think the interest rate makes this a card I would be cautious of, and the rewards aren’t as inviting as some alternatives.

That said, if you are ordering regular shipments for your business and have no concern over the nearly 30% interest rate, this card might be for you.

The Cosmo Prof credit card might be a good fit for beauty professionals, since you will get access to free shipping, a 3% discount on supplies, a birthday gift, and an anniversary gift for the opening of the card.

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