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Express Oil Change Credit Card | 5 minute review – only apply if desperate

PFG's Rating:

Recommended in limited cases. Use the Express Oil Change Credit Card very cautiously. Requires special attention to on-time payments to avoid very high APR and/or fees. If you must pay for a large auto repair or maintenance bill right now, this is a way to do that, but recommend trying to find another way.

Pros and Cons: Express Oil Change Credit Card



You can use to create a small 0% interest loan for yourself to pay automotive related bills (assuming you make all payments on time)


No annual fee


Likely easier credit approval than most cards


Reliable credit card issuer and servicer – Synchrony Bank


Can be used anywhere the Synchrony Car Care Card is accepted



Extremely high APR – 29.99%!


Limited functionality – cannot use for purchases at any other store besides Synchrony Car Care Card locations


No additional perks or special offers for card holders


No rewards 

  • This card does not offer rewards 
  • 29.99% APR – very high! But unfortuantely typical for store co-brand cards
  • No annual fee – $0 annual fee.
    • Applications are subject to credit approval
    • While they will take into account your total application, we recommend a credit score of at least 560 to be likely for approval
    • Be 18 years old (or the age of majority in your state or territory)
    • Have a government issued photo ID and tax identification number (for example a social security number)
    • Be willing to provide a non-PO Box mailing address
    • None – just the promotional financing

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    Express Oil Change Credit Card – executive summary

    There’s a very narrow window where getting this credit card is a good idea. The window is if you need to get an emergency car repair or service and have no other way to pay. Alternatively, if you need to make a large purchase and know you can pay back the full amount during the promotional period, you could use this card to spread out payments.

    Ultimately, though, unless you’re in one of the two above situations, we don’t think adding a credit account with a 30% interest rate is worth the trouble for tire or oil change service.

    If you forget to make timely payments, including required minimum monthly payments during the promotional period, you might find the 30% interest rate kicking in and that tire or oil change ends up much more expensive!

    Quick note: Most express oil change tire locations are co-located with Tire Engineers locations and they are the same company, so this can also be thought of as the Tire Engineers Credit Card. In fact, it’s co-branded as both, so we’ll use the terms interchangeably.

    Ok lets get into the details ⏩ 

    What are the benefits and rewards?

    Tire Engineers Credit Card Benefits

    There’s really only one benefit – the promotional financing. You can get:

    • 6 months 0% interest on purchases from $199-$749.99

    • 12 months 0% interest on purchases over $750

    We can’t stress enough that this doesn’t mean NO payments during those 6 to 12 months. You will still have required monthly minimum payments along the way. The amount of those will depend on how big of a purchase or service you put on the card.

    Ultimately, this is not a strong offer for the vast majority of people who have other means of paying. For example, you could put this on a cash back or travel rewards credit card and get a little bit of your money back.

    Another ‘potential perk’ you can create for yourself is that getting this card and making all payments on time might help you build credit. Since Synchrony Bank reports to the credit agencies, like Experian and Transunion, making consistent on time payment will likely help your credit score. This probably isn’t even worth considering unless you have really bad credit. If you do have bad credit, this card might be easier to be approved for than many other cards.

    Drawbacks and why you might want to avoid

    Tire Engineers Credit Card cons

    The biggest drawback is the nearly ~30% APR. If you fail to make all your payments on time and/or if you don’t pay back the full promotional balance before the end of the promotional period, that interest rate will kick in. That means you will have to make much more than just the minimum monthly payments in order to avoid paying any interest at all.

    Remember that the rate kicks in from the date of purchase! Not from when the bill was actually due. So it might be more than you expect.

    There’s a ‘hidden cost’ here too of having an extra credit account to manage and remember to pay, likely for what’s ultimately a small expense.

    The card also has pretty standard fees:

    • $41 late payment fee

    • $30 returned payment fee

    • $2 minimum interest charge

    Who should get the Express Oil Change Credit Card?

    Tire Engineers Credit Card: Who's it good for?

    We really only see two types of people who should consider getting the Express Oil Change Credit Card / Tire Engineers Credit Card:

    1. No other way to pay for car service / oil change / new tires – but really need one of those services

    2. Know you can make all payments and just want to spread out a large purchase over time (including remembering to login and actually maker the payments)

    Everyone else should probably just make their payment at Express Oil Change Tire Engineers with another form of payment. We think the hassle of remembering to make payments on another account means that even just paying with cash would be better.


    Last word on the Express Oil Change Credit Card / Tire Engineers Credit Card

    Most people should probably pay for car services and purchases with a points or rewards card instead.  

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Get fast answers to the most common questions 

    Where can I use the Express Oil Change Tire Engineers Credit Card?

    At Express Oil Change Tire Engineers locations and anywhere the Synchrony Car Care Card is accepted

    I'm looking for my Express Oil Change login? Or Synchrony Car Care Card login?

    Try navigating here

    Can I trust Synchrony Bank?

    Likely yes! They are large, reliable, public financial institution. You may or may not know that they are the bank behind hundreds of co-brand store credit cards. Issuing and servicing cards like this is what they do.

    Can I use the promotional financing for gas?
    • No. Promo financing does not apply to gas purchases. However, this card does work at thousands of participating gas stations across the country.

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    Can I use the Express Oil Change Credit Card abroad?

    Only works in the United States including Puerto Rico

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