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Not recommended. It’s hard to see a reason to get this card. Even if, like with other store cards, you want to take advantage of the interest-free promo period to spread out payments, glasses are such a small expense it’s probably not worth the hassle of opening and maintaining another credit account.

Pros and Cons: LensCrafters Credit Card



Interest-free promotional financing for 6 months if you buy 1 set (frame + lenses) or for 12 months of if you buy 2 or more sets


No annual fee


Likely easier credit approval than most cards


Reliable credit card issuer and servicer – Synchrony Bank



Extremely high APR – 29.99%! Whoa!


Limited functionality – cannot use for purchases at any other store besides LensCrafters locations


No additional perks or special offers for card holders


No rewards 


No signup bonus

  • This card does not offer rewards 
  • 29.99% APR – very high! But unfortuantely typical for store co-brand cards
  • No annual fee – $0 annual fee.
    • Applications are subject to credit approval
    • While they will take into account your total application, we recommend a credit score of at least 560 to be likely for approval
    • Be 18 years old (or the age of majority in your state or territory)
    • Have a government issued photo ID and tax identification number (for example a social security number)
    • Be willing to provide a non-PO Box mailing address
    • None – just the promotional financing

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    LensCrafters Credit Card Executive summary

    This card essentially only provides one benefit: the ability to spread out your payments over 6 months (if you by 1 set) or 12 months (if you buy 2 or more sets).

    While this kind of store-card promotional financing to spread out payemnts can sometimes be worth the trouble for very large purchases, glasses are a relatively small expenses, often covered by insurnace anyway, so the LensCrafters Credit Card really doesn’t have much of a point. 

    The drawbacks, on the other hand are numerous. The APR is sky high at nearly 30%. So if you forget to payoff your balance by 6 or 12 months, those glasses may become much more expensive.

    While the LensCrafters Credit Card doesn’t have an annual fee, it doesn’t have any benefits you probably expect from a credit card either. There’s no rewards, cash back, or any other perks.

    It’s hard for us to see any reason to get this card, unless your are truly and completely out of money, need a pair of glasses to live, and need to defer payment.

    LensCrafters store front

    I recently visited this LensCrafter location and found the staff to be friendly, but not too knowledgeable about the credit card

    Useful LensCrafter Credit Card tools

    Where will my card be accepted?

    How much will my monthly minimum payments be?

    How can I prequalify to see if I have a good chance of approval before affecting my credit?

    I’m ready to apply, where do I go?

    LensCrafters Credit Card Pros

    LensCrafters credit card

    You can create an interest free loan, if you use this card properly

    If you payoff the promotional balance within the applicable time period (6 months or 12 months), you will have effectively create a ‘free’ loan for yourself. However, don’t forget that you still have to make minimum monthly payments along the way.

    You might be able to use this card to build credit

    Store cards like the LensCrafters credit card, tend to have easier credit approval than most other credit cards. Since they still report to credit bureaus, though, if you have bad or no credit, you might be able to get a store card like this one, make all pyaments on time, and start building credit.

    There is no annual fee

    Unlike many credit cards today, this card has no annual fee.

    You can pre-qualify with no credit impact

    If you have poor or no credit and aren’t sure if you will be approved, you can pre-qualify online. Note that being pre-qualified does not necessarily guarantee you will be approved if you apply.


    LensCrafters have designer frames available, like these

    LensCrafters have designer frames available, like these

    My recent LensCrafters in-store experience

    I went to my local LensCrafters recently to checkout what the credit card application would be like.

    The store was clean and the sales staff friendly, but they didn’t seem to know much about the LensCrafters credit card.

    Far from pushing me to apply, the associate seemed surprised to learn that they offered a credit card and had to go in the back to look up basic information.

    Unfortunately, the associate wasn’t able to providue much information, including no materials, and encouraged me to simply go to the LensCrafters website to learn more. They did confirm that I could apply for the card in-store if I wanted, though.

    Overall, it was a little disappointing that they couldn’t answer basic questions about the card, but nice to see that they’re not pushing this poor offering on their customers hard.

    LensCrafters store

    My local LensCrafters

    Drawbacks of the LensCrafters Credit Card

    List of LensCrafters credit card drawbacks

    Sky high interest rate

    If you forget to make your required minimum monthly payments, or you don’t payoff the full promotional balance within 6 or 12 months, you will pay a ~30% interest rate from the date of purchase. This is extremely high and will make your glasses purchases much more expensive.

    Consider that you have to manage this account

    Additionally, even if the above doesn’t happen to you, there is a cost in the sense that you have another credit account that you have to manage. You have to remember to make payments, track the expiration date, etc. Since the LensCrafters credit card only works at LensCrafters, it’s not worth it to manage to only be able to use at this one store.

    Glasses case at LensCrafters

    I saw luxury frames like these in my recent visit to my local LensCrafters

    Glasses/contacts are a small expense

    While this card might let you spread out payments over time, glasses and contacts are small purchases, and using a store card to do this really only makes sense when you’re making larger purchases.

    No rewards

    The LensCrafters credit card does not offer and perks, rewards, special offers, or cash back. This is bottom-tier class. While all store cards have little to no rewards or cash back, most at least have some sort of extra store credit or rewards system for frequent shoppers. LensCrafters not offering that, particularly when their product is already a small item, makes this card just not worth the trouble for the consumer.

    Extremely limited utility

    It’s worth noting one more time, too, that his card only works at LensCrafters stores, you won’t be able to use it to pay anywhere else – a huge drawback.

    Glasses case at local LensCrafters

    Wide selection of frames available


    Last word on the Lenscrafters credit card

    Skip this card and pay for your frames, lenses, and/or contacts with a cash back card instead. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Get fast answers to the most common questions 

    How can I reach customer service for this card?
    • You can call customer service at: 877-295-2080 or 1-866-893-7864
    • You can email customer service at: [email protected]
    • You can also chat with an agent by logging into your account (see below) and clicking on the chat icon
    Where do I login to my account for this card?

    Login to your Synchrony Car Care Credit Card at mysynchrony.com

    Will the application or pre-qualification affect my credit score?

    The pre-qualification will not, the application will

    What are other fees on this card?

    There is a late payment fee of up to $41 and a returned payment fee of up to $30

    Where can you use this card?

    Only at LensCrafters stores. This card is not accepted anywhere else

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