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Pep Boys Credit Card: Everything You Need to Know in 5 Minutes

PFG's Rating:

Recommended in specific cases. Use the Pep Boys Credit Card very cautiously. Requires special attention to on-time payments to avoid very high APR and/or fees. If you need to pay for a large auto repair or maintenance bill right now, but don’t have another way to pay, this can provide a stop gap.

Pros and Cons: Pep Boys Credit Card



Effectively a temporary 0% interest loan for auto repair if used correctly (make monthly minimum payments and payoff full balance during the promo period. 6 months promotional 0% financing for purchases from $199-$749.99 and 12 months of 0% promotional financing for purchases over $750 


No Annual fee


They claim they will give a credit approval decision within minutes


Reputable issuer (Synchrony Bank)



Very high APR – 29.99%+ – like most store co-brand cards. Be careful to pay off your bill fully each month 


Only able to use this card at auto repair and gas locations in the Synchrony Care Care network


Only works in the U.S.


No rewards 

  • This card does not offer rewards 
  • 29.99% APR – this is extremely high, but not uncommon for store co-brand cards
  • No annual fee – $0 annual fee.
    • Applications are subject to credit approval
    • While they will take into account your total application, we recommend a credit score of at least 520 to be likely for approval
    • Be 18 years old (or the age of majority in your state or territory)
    • Have a government issued photo ID and tax identification number (for example a social security number)
    • Be willing to provide a non-PO Box mailing address
    • None – just the promotional financing

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    Car care can be expensive. A seemingly small problem can snowball into an enormous disaster, costing drivers massive amounts of money.

    A ruined engine or a failed transmission can’t wait. It needs to be replaced immediately and often at considerable expense. Because no one plans for these occurrences, sometimes drivers don’t have that money at the ready. That’s where the Pep Boys credit card can serve as an emergency stop gap.

    This bare-bones card offers a line of credit and special financing options for automotive-specific expenses and not much else.

    What Is the Pep Boys Credit Card?

    Pep Boys offers customers a store-exclusive credit card called the Pep Boys Credit Card (which is really just a co-brand of the Synchrony Car Care Credit Card). This card provides a dedicated credit line for automotive services, products, and gas from select stations. Note that it can only be used where the Synchrony Car Care Credit Card is accepted – which is at auto repair shops across the USA (including Puerto Rico)

    The Pep Boys Credit Card best serves customers who accrue large, unexpected auto bills. The card works at over 500,000 gas stations and Pep Boys automotive stores across America. Synchrony provides a helpful partner locator tool customers can use to confirm their preferred shops and establishments accept the payment method.

    How to Apply for a Pep Boys Synchrony Car Care Credit Card

    Prospective clients apply in person at one of Pep Boys’ over 1,000 locations or online. This card likely has easier credit approval than most credit cards. If you have poor or fair credit, you may still have a chance at being approved. We estimate you have a good chance of approval if your credit is 580+ and will almost certainly be approved if it’s 640+.

    Let’s check out the details ⏩ 

    Pep Boys Credit Card Benefits

     Let’s take a quick looks at the very limited benefits this card offers

    Pep Boys credit card benefits

    The Pep Boys credit card is really only useful to pay for services at a Pep Boys if you don’t have another means of paying right now. The special promotional financing will give you a little breathing room to get the money together and pay off the balance. But, make sure you pay off the fill balance within the promotional time frame, or else the very high interest rate of ~30% will make your Pep Boys purchase much more expensive in the long run.

    Let’s take a quick look at the perks of this automotive credit line.


    The Pep Boys Credit Card’s (remember this is really just the Synchrony Car Care credit card) most significant draw is its approach to financing. Cars rack up large bills customers may not be able to pay immediately. The card provides financing for large, unexpected expenses as soon as the holder gets approved for their line of credit.

    The financing is:

    ●      Purchases between $199 and $749.99 receive six months of special financing

    ●      Purchases over $750 receive 12 months of special financing

    Customers who pay the entire balance within the promotional period don’t get charged interest. Remember, that does NOT mean no payments along the way. You will still need to make minimum monthly payments during the promotional timeframe.

    The specific amount of your minimum monthly payment depends on your balance. You can go to Synchrony bank’s website to find a calculator to estimate what your minimum monthly payment will be based on your projected balance.

    Comprehensive Online Account Access

    The card’s website provides basic online information for cardholders.

    Online accounts allow customers to:

    ●      Schedule payments up to 12 months in advance

    ●      Check the card’s balance

    ●      Update or edit the account’s information

    ●      Make one-time payments

    ●      Calculate payments

    The payment calculator factors special financing into the sums.

    Introductory Perks – not always offered 

    In the past, we have seen the Pep Boys credit card offer new customers certain limited introductory benefits. At the moment, these do not appear to be being offered, but it wouldn’t hurt to double check or ask, since they have been seen before.

    These include:

    ●      Purchases between $299 and $498.99 earn customers a prepaid $50 Visa card by mail

    ●      Purchases of over $499 earn customers a prepaid $100 Visa card by mail


    Disadvantages of the Pep Boys Synchrony Car Care Credit Card

    Pep Boys credit card disadvantages

    It’s important not to be blinded by the introductory offers and special financing for large purchases.

    High APR

    The card does not earn rewards. The only real benefit to using it is the special financing options. Additionally, the APR is very high once it kicks in.
    The current average APR across all credit cards today for those with good credit is 16-18%, while the average for customers with poor credit is 25%. The Pep Boys credit card carries an astonishing 29.99% APR. Whoa!

    Additionally, for customers unable to pay the total sum of a purchase during the special financing period, APR will be applied to the balance from the date of the purchase, regardless of how little remains to be repaid or how quickly after the promotional period if over you complete payments.

    A Lack of Basic Benefits

    The Pep Boys card fails to provide many features card holders expect from their line of credit. These include:

    ●      Cash Advances

    ●      Foreign Transactions

    ●      Rewards

    ●      Bonuses 

    The credit card is store exclusive. It only works at Pep Boy stores and for gas purchases.

    Who should and should not apply for the Pep Boys Credit Card?

    Pep Boys credit card who should get

    Who Is the Pep Boys Credit Card (Synchrony Car Care) Good For?

    The target audience for the Pep Boys credit card is limited. Customers can’t use the card in most stores; it only functions at Pep Boys stores and certain gas stations.

    Pep Boys shoppers who spend over $199 at the store benefit from the card’s special financing plans. However, the customer must pay off the total balance within the parameters of the special financing period, or the original charge will begin accruing astronomical interest.

    As a result, only diligent customers confident they can repay their large automotive purchases in a limited time should pursue the Pep Boys Credit Card (Synchrony Car Care).

    Who Should Avoid the Pep Boys Synchrony Car Care Credit Card?

    Average consumers can find credit cards better suited to their needs. Those without a conveniently located Pep Boys (or an auto repair shop that accepts the Synchrony Car Care credit card) nearby should avoid the credit card.  

    Additionally, the card offers few benefits. Even frequent Pep Boys shoppers are likely better off pursuing a rewards card that is usable at multiple locations and carries a lower APR.


    Conclusion on the Jiffy Lube Credit Card

    The Pep Boys Synchrony Car Care Credit Card appeals to a minimal audience. The card may prove beneficial with unexpected automotive troubles, and customers may wish to keep it on hand for such contingencies. 

    However, the Pep Boys card carries a high APR. Any balances not paid off within the special financing time frame will collect enormous amounts of interest.

    Most customers will be better off with a rewards credit card, which will earn them cash back or bonuses, which they can use at other stores and for other purposes. 


    To get the Jiffy Lube credit card, you will go through a credit check. To be eligible for a check, you must have a valid email, address, and phone number and show your social security number and annual income.

    Finally, you must have a reasonably good credit score to be considered for the card. Many store cards have lower credit requirements than average, general-purpose credit cards.

    Background of the Pep Boys Credit Card

    Synchrony Bank is the issuer of the Pep Boys credit card.

    Synchrony issues credit cards through many big-name companies besides Jiffy Lube, such as America’s Tire and the Brakes Plus Credit Card.

    Remember that this credit card is really just a co-brand version of the Synchrony Car Care Credit Card. This card is co-branded with dozens of auto repair shops, all with slightly different features/benefits, terms and conditions, but largely the same.

    In addition to their individual credit cards, Synchrony does promotional financing and installment lending.

    Pep Boys Synchrony Car Care Credit Card Payments

    Customers can pay their balance in a variety of ways. The card accepts payments via:

    ●      Mail

    ●      Phone

    ●      Website

    Automatic payments are available for those who prefer not to have to remember to make a monthly compensation. The card allows customers to set up autopay for:

    ●      The full balance

    ●      The minimum payment due

    ●      A self-selected amount 

    Pep Boys allows a typical 23-day payment grace period, after which they charge a $41 late fee.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Get fast answers to the most common questions 

    Where specifically can I use the Pep Boys Credit Card?

    Anywhere the Synchrony Car Care credit card is accepted

    I'm looking for my Pep Boys card login

    If you just need your Pep Boys credit card log in, try navigating here.

    Or try searching Google for “Synchrony Car Care login” or “Synchrony care credit login”

    Is Synchrony Bank reputable?

    We think generally so. They’re a large, public company, that’s been around for a long time and is the bank behind hundreds of store-brand credit cards

    Does the promotional financing offer apply to gas purchases?

    No it does not!

    What are some similar cards?

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